Aspire Dash Self Propelled Wheelchair

Aspire Dash Self-Propelled Wheelchair solid frame
Aspire Dash Self-Propelled Wheelchair single footrests
Aspire Dash Self-Propelled Wheelchair puncture proof wheels
Aspire Dash Self-Propelled Wheelchair padded armrests
Aspire Dash Self-Propelled Wheelchair rear pockets for storage
Aspire Dash Self-Propelled Wheelchair washable material
Aspire Dash Self-Propelled Wheelchair maximum 21 stone user weight
Aspire Dash Self-Propelled Wheelchair lockable brakes on both handles

Aspire Dash Self Propelled Wheelchair

Introducing the Aspire Dash, the ultimate companion for your active lifestyle! This super lightweight self-propelled wheelchair is designed to make your daily outings a breeze. Whether you're heading to the shops, attending appointments, or meeting up with friends, the Aspire Dash has got you covered.

Experience unparalleled comfort with its ergonomic backrest and seat shape, meticulously crafted to follow the contours of your body. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to superior postural support, ensuring you can enjoy your day to the fullest.

With a safe working load of up to 21.2 st, the Aspire Dash caters to a broad range of users. Its lightweight frame design allows for effortless lifting in and out of cars, making it a perfect choice for both users and carers. No more struggles or strains—this wheelchair offers convenience at every turn.

The contoured and padded seating further enhances your comfort and provides the ideal level of support. You'll feel like you're sitting on a cloud, even during long outings. Plus, the attendant-operated hand brakes with a parking lock ensure safety and stability whenever you need to pause.

Transportation has never been easier thanks to the Aspire Dash's simple and intuitive folding mechanism. It folds effortlessly, allowing for hassle-free storage and convenient transportation. Need to save space? The removable leg rests and folding back make compact storage a breeze.

And let's not forget about the rear storage pocket—perfect for keeping your essentials within reach. Say goodbye to rummaging through bags or asking for assistance. Everything you need will be right at your fingertips.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to enhance your mobility and reclaim your independence. Upgrade to the Aspire Dash today and experience the freedom you deserve. Get ready to seize the day with confidence!

Order now and embrace a life of comfort, convenience, and limitless possibilities. Your new adventure awaits!



Aspire Dash Self-Propelled Wheelchair solid frame

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Total Length3'4" / 103.6cm
Total Width27" / 68.6cm
Total Height37" / 94cm
Safe Working Load21 st / 133 kg
Unit Weight25.8 lb / 11.7 kg
Seat Depth16" / 40.6cm
Seat Width17" / 43.2cm
Frame Weight23.6 lb / 10.7 kg
Backrest Height17" / 43.2cm

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