Moving Life

Movinglife ATTO Sport Mobility Scooter

Atto Sport 3-wheel mobility scooter
Atto Sport mobility scooter compact suitcase design
Atto Sport mobility scooter split into two parts for lighter lifting
Atto Sport mobility scooter folded pull along trolley design
Atto Sport mobility scooter straight throttle feature handlebars
Atto Sport mobility scooter airless PU, shock-absorbing, flat-free tyres
Moving Life

Movinglife ATTO Sport Mobility Scooter

The ATTO SPORT mobility scooter, where functionality meets a captivating design. As the sports car of all scooters, this latest addition is packed with safety features and convenience, while offering enhanced performance and a modern aesthetic that will leave you impressed.

With the ATTO SPORT, you can experience independence and style like never before. Its sleek design and sportscar-inspired performance instil confidence and elevate your sense of esteem. Feel the freedom of the open road as you navigate effortlessly through any environment.

Designed for ultimate convenience, the ATTO SPORT ensures a seamless travel experience from start to finish. Thanks to its flight-approved battery and compact size, you can effortlessly store it in an aircraft's overhead compartment. No more worries about accessibility when you're on the go.

Say goodbye to bumpy rides! The ATTO SPORT's advanced shock-absorbing capabilities guarantee a smooth and comfortable journey. Equipped with airless tyres that provide 100% puncture protection, you'll never have to deal with a flat tyre again.

Manoeuvrability is a breeze with the ATTO SPORT's 3-wheel design, allowing you to navigate narrow and challenging spaces with ease. Its rear wheels are thoughtfully spaced for enhanced stability, ensuring a secure ride every time.

Safety is paramount, which is why the ATTO SPORT features an industry-standard regenerative braking system with a front disc brake. Left-handed users can conveniently mount the disc brake lever on either side of the handlebar.

Customise your ride with ATTO SPORT's illuminated control panel, offering a range of personalised features such as sounds, alerts, regional measurement units, and maximum speed settings. Ride confidently in dark conditions with the powerful front and rear LED lights, and stay visible with the rear warning light offering three operational modes.

No terrain is too challenging for the ATTO SPORT, thanks to its high ground clearance. Travel smoothly and comfortably on various surfaces and natural paths without any limitations.

Make the ATTO SPORT truly yours with our extensive range of accessories. From extra storage options to flight-optimised bags and crutch-carrying support, we have you covered.

Experience the ultimate in mobility and style with the ATTO SPORT mobility scooter. Take control of your journey today!

  • Mobile Phone Holder
  • Stick / Crutches Holder
  • Essentials Pouch
  • Pet Carrier & Cushion
  • Front / Rear Basket Bag
  • Oxygen Bottle Holder & Case
  • Sport Armrests
  • Padded Seat Cushion
  • Swivel Leather Seat
  • Seat / Support Belt


Atto Sport 3-wheel mobility scooter

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Max Speed10 km/h / 6.2mph
Max User Weight120kg / 265lb
Battery Size249.6 wh
Driving Distance Per ChargerUp to 20km / 12.5 miles
WeightFront Half: 27.5lb / 12.5kg
Rear Half: 38.5lb / 17.5kg
Assembled: 66lb / 30kg
Battery 4lb / 1.8kg
Cruise Control (Throttle Not Needed)Yes
Automatic SlowdownSlopes / Turns
Front Disk Brake for Extra SafetyYes
TyresAirless PU, shock-absorbing, flat-free tyres
Antitheft Wireless Locking FOB KeyYes
Embedded Front HeadlightsYes
Seat and Backrest / GripsPU Leather Seat / Grips
Rear Light Lifting HandleYes
Eco ModeLimit Speed / Increase Range
Left-Hand OptionIncluded

Trolley ModeDrive Mode
Height28" / 71cmHeight35" / 89cm
Length15.3" / 38.9cmLength47" / 120cm
Width16.5" / 41.9cmWidth22" / 56cm

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