Freedom Stride Seat Walker

Freedom Folding Travel Rollator with underseat storage
Freedom Stride Walker with seat
Freedom Stride Walker four solid wheels
Freedom Stride Walker adjustable backrest height for when seated
Freedom Stride foldable walker
Freedom Stride Walker height adjustable handle bars

Freedom Stride Seat Walker

Introducing the Freedom Stride Folding Rollator – Your Ultimate Mobility Companion!

Are you looking for the perfect solution to regain your independence and confidence while walking? Look no further! The Freedom Stride Folding Rollator is here to support you every step of the way. Whether you struggle with instability or tire easily, this rollator is your ideal companion, providing unrivalled benefits that will transform your daily life.

With its four wheels, the Freedom Stride guarantees unmatched stability, ensuring you can navigate any terrain with ease. Say goodbye to cumbersome movements and hello to smooth, effortless gliding, thanks to the large 10" front wheels and specially designed castor fork that enhances manoeuvrability.

Comfort is at the forefront of our design. The Stride features a luxuriously comfortable seat, offering you a much-needed respite during your shopping trips or leisurely walks. No more worrying about finding a place to rest – simply sit back and relax whenever you need to catch your breath. Plus, the height-adjustable backrest provides vital support to keep you feeling secure and steady.

Safety is our priority, and that's why we've equipped the Freedom Stride with reliable lockable brakes. Feel confident and stable as you rest or stand without any concerns.

Shopping has never been easier with the convenient zip-up bag included. Easily remove it when needed or use the handy hook to hang another bag. Stay organized and stress-free as you move through your day.

Crafted from lightweight yet robust aluminium, the Stride weighs just 8.9kgs. Don't be fooled by its feather-light construction – this rollator can support users up to 21 stone in weight, making it a reliable companion for individuals of all sizes.

And when it's time to hit the road or save space at home, the Stride's quick folding mechanism ensures effortless storage in your car's boot or any tight space. Convenience is the name of the game.

Take back control of your mobility and rediscover the joy of walking with the Freedom Stride Folding Rollator. Embrace newfound freedom and independence, knowing that every step you take is supported by unparalleled stability, comfort, and safety.

Don't wait any longer; revolutionize your mobility today! Grab your Freedom Stride now and start living life to the fullest. Your journey to a more active and fulfilling lifestyle awaits. Order yours today!



Freedom Folding Travel Rollator with underseat storage

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Total Length32" / 81cm
Total Width24" / 61cm
Total Height31-38" / 78.7-96.5cm
Safe Working Load133kg / 21st
Unit Weight8.9kg / 19.8lb
Seat Width19" / 48.3cm
Seat to Footrest Height20" / 50.8cm

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