Motion Healthcare

Motion Healthcare Lithlite Mobility Scooter

Lithilite Mobility Scooter with adjustable arms
Lithilite 4-wheeled Mobility Scooter
Lithilite Mobility Scooter
Lithilite Mobility Scooter Side Swivel Seat for easy access
Lithilite Mobility Scooter with Front Basket
Lithilite Mobility Scooter Solid Tyres
Lithilite Mobility Scooter Tiller Head with Battery Gauge, Speed Control and Horn
Lithilite Mobility Scooter Rear Suspension
Lithilite Mobility Scooter Elevated Front Footrests
Lithilite Mobility Scooter Leather Seat
Lithilite Mobility Scooter dismantled into 7 parts for easy transportation
Motion Healthcare

Motion Healthcare Lithlite Mobility Scooter

Lithilite Mobility Scooter: The Ultimate in Mobility

The Lithilite Mobility Scooter is the perfect way to regain your freedom and independence. It is a revolutionary blend of cutting-edge Lithium battery technology and a proven, top-tier design.

The Lithilite's innovative Lithium battery empowers you with an impressive range of up to 15 miles. And for those seeking even more exploration, the Lithilite Pro takes it a step further, boasting an unparalleled 30-mile range - the most extensive among car boot scooters.

Both the Lithilite and Lithilite Pro have undergone transformative upgrades, ensuring an effortless and enjoyable journey. They are equipped with top-tier charge sockets, supple suspension, super soft tyres, and an all-new easy lift T bar handle. This makes every ride a smooth, safe, and comfortable voyage.

The weight limit has also been boosted to an impressive 23.5 stone, without compromising on the heaviest part. This enhanced weight capacity ensures that users of varying needs can confidently embrace the freedom and convenience of the Lithilite series.

Elevate your mobility with the Lithilite Mobility Scooter. Experience the fusion of cutting-edge technology and ergonomic design. Don't just move – thrive. Take the next step towards unmatched independence and exploration today.

Here are some of the key benefits of the Lithilite Mobility Scooter:

  • Up to 15 miles range (Lithilite) or 30 miles range (Lithilite Pro)
  • Lightweight Lithium battery
  • Top-tier charge sockets, front lights, and supple suspension
  • Super soft tyres
  • All-new easy lift T bar handle
  • Enhanced weight capacity of 23.5 stone

If you are looking for a mobility scooter that will give you the freedom to explore, the Lithilite is the perfect choice for you. Order yours today and start enjoying all that life has to offer!

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Lithilite Mobility Scooter with adjustable arms

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ModelLithliteLithlite Pro
Maximum RangeUpto 15 Miles*Upto 30 Miles*
Maximum Speed4mph
Maximum User Weight23st 6lbs / 150kg
Overall Scooter Weight88.2lbs / 40kg92.6lbs / 42kg
Ground Clearance5.2cm / 2"
Incline6 Degrees
Turning Radius125cm / 49.2"
Battery25.2V 20Ah Lithium25.2V 40Ah Lithium
Tyre TypeSolid

Height97cm / 38.2"
Length104cm / 41"
Width48.5cm / 19.1"

Heaviest Part (Dismantled)33lbs / 15kg
Seat FeatureSwivel, height adj, Armrest width & angle adj
Airline Approved10Ah Lithium battery available for purchase

*Range may vary depending on user weight, terrain, and battery condition.

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