Rehasense Server HD Rollator

Rehasense Server HD Rollator with TPE Wheels
Rehasense Server HD Rollator with 8" Wheels
Rehasense Server HD Rollator with Aluminium Frame
Rehasense Server HD Rollator with Adjustable Height Handlebars
Rehasense Server HD Rollator with large Shopping Bag
Rehasense Server HD Rollator with Brakes on both Handles
Rehasense Server HD Rollator with Seat
Rehasense Server HD Rollator with Click & Safe safety catch

Rehasense Server HD Rollator

In pursuit of a vibrant and independent life? The SERVER HD Aluminium Lightweight Rollator stands as a beacon of support. We understand the struggles of heavy mobility aids and the discomfort caused by one-size-fits-all solutions. The SERVER HD is not just a rollator; it's a solution designed to alleviate these concerns, offering a perfect blend of strength, comfort, and safety.

Features and Benefits:

  • Puristic Design with Ergonomic Functions: The SERVER HD combines sleek design with clever ergonomic functions, exuding both style and practicality.
  • Patented "Click & Safe" Safety Catch: Secure lifting, carrying, and transportation with the red, patented safety catch that prevents accidental unfolding.
  • Large Shopping Bag: Carry up to 5 kg effortlessly with the spacious shopping bag, enhancing convenience.
  • User-Friendly Adjustments: Easily adjust the handle height to your comfort, providing a personalized and user-friendly experience.
  • Unique Carrying Handle: Ergonomic handle grips under the mounting bars facilitate easy lifting and carrying of the rollator.
  • All-Round Safety Reflectors: Enhance visibility with safety reflectors on the shopping bag, frame, and handles.
  • Versatile Accessories: Choose from a variety of accessories, including backrest straps, bags, tray, one-handed brake operation, slowdown brake, and a rollator umbrella.

Your journey to enhanced mobility begins with the SERVER HD Aluminium Lightweight Rollator. 

Explore further and make it yours today

  • LED Lamp Red
  • LED Lamp White
  • One Hand Brake System
  • Black Backrest
  • Slow Down Brake with Std Rear Wheel
  • HD Padded Seat Board
  • Rollator Bell Blue
  • Rollator Bell Red


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Wheel TypeTPE / Soft
Wheel Size8" / 200x35
Maximum User Weight31st 5lbs / 200kg

Product Weight7.6kg / 16.8lbs7.9kg / 17.4lbs



Height66-86cm / 26-33.9"74-102cm / 29.1-40.2"
Length66cm / 26"
Distance between Handles56cm / 22"
Width69cm / 27.2"

Height86cm / 33.9"
Length66cm / 26"
Width23cm / 9.1"

Height55cm / 21.7"62cm / 24.4"
Width55cm / 21.7"

Backrest & Crutch Holder Included

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What Does Our Warranty Include? 

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